Ben Voss

02/18/2023, 7:09 PM
I'm starting some research around onboarding workflows to IDPs, I'd love to hear: What's the onboarding experience like for engineers using your IDP? How do you know if the onboarding workflow is doing a good job? General thoughts on onboarding experiences for IDPs?
reading this for any that are interested in the topic:


04/06/2023, 12:05 AM
our onboarding experience at the moment is basically, point people to our getting started docs and tutorials, and be available in slack for questions and support
i’ve been trying to get better visibility, like who finished the tutorial and built a test app? so I can reach out and ask any feedback, in case they weren’t forthcoming about questions or challenges they had

Ben Voss

04/10/2023, 2:24 PM
that makes sense, thanks!