We've had Sentry (<sentry.io>) setup on a number o...
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We've had Sentry (sentry.io) setup on a number of systems for a while now with the intention of providing insights into specific parts of a system that are failing and could either cause a issue soon or are causing an issue now. I've questioned the value it's bringing as we have other logging, monitoring and alerting tooling in use as well. Just wondered if anyone could share something specific with Sentry that they've found to be significantly valuable, beyond other tools in the space?
we have recently switched to Sentry. Previously was using multiple tools: RayGun for error tracking, Skylight for performance and another tool for uptime monitoring.
We use it when sharing error dashboards with 3rd party integrations. This way they are enabled to act while not having access to our internal kitchen. And as with any other tool the more you customise the data sent in it (tags , enviroments ) the more usefult it gets.