Hi guys, Question: Is there any open source tool ...
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Hi guys, Question: Is there any open source tool available which can help engineer to take temporary access for gcp/azure/aws resources. Where admins can allow the access request Example: 1 engineer want editor access for gcp project so he/she can create a request for 2 hours. And admin can allow through the same tool
We might be able to help depending if you’re looking for servers or generic resources (cased.com)
@Jen i am looking for google cloud resources access Say project-editor access, gke view access, cloud storage editor etc.
Obviously not FOSS
There was one for AWS Common Fate, not sure if they have GCP integration
Thanks @Marcelo Labardini, but strongdm is not oss And thanks @Andre Marcelo-Tanner, however common-fate is working for aws only
I have used https://github.com/gocardless/theatre when running on kubernetes
Boundary by hashicorp? its does not allow JIT yet but you can create a bot to help with that Or Teleport OSS?
OSS Boundary can do dynamic brokered credentials when integrated with OSS Vault. https://developer.hashicorp.com/boundary/tutorials/access-management/oss-vault-cred-brokering-quickstart